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What We Can Learn From Carter Page and Russia’s Bumbling Spies

Last week the Justice Department disclosed that a former security director for the Senate Intelligence Committee had been indicted, accused of lying to the FBI. Federal agents had been asking James Wolfe about leaks to reporters. One reporter in particular seems to have been the lucky recipient of Wolfe’s indiscretions: Ali Watkins, now of the New York Times, before that of Politico and BuzzFeed.
Wolfe and Watkins are said to have had an affair, during which the older Senate staffer shared with his young reporter girlfriend tightly held government information. This enabled her to publish career-making scoops. The most prominent of those was her blockbuster BuzzFeed article, April 3, 2017, “A Former Trump Adviser Met With A Russian Spy.” Watkins reported that campaign aide Carter Page admitted to BuzzFeed that “he had…
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