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Time to Take Cynthia Nixon Seriously and Literally

Scoring a primary victory over Andrew Cuomo, a relatively popular incumbent and legacy of the Democratic party machine, was never going to be easy. But, for actress and education activist Cynthia Nixon victory’s looking more and more possible.
On Saturday, members of the state’s far-left labor-focused Working Families Party voted by an overwhelming 91 percent majority to support Nixon for the Democratic nomination. Just four weeks after announcing her run, Nixon’s already got an edge on the labor vote. How important is the Working Families Party, really? In New York, a state with 12.4 million registered voters—including 6.2 million Democrats and 2.8 million Republicans—just 46,000 are registered to the WFP. But their sway is broader than their numbers.
Cuomo fought hard to keep WFP in his corner for a reason: read more weeklystandard.comOriginal Article

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