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Republicans Hope to Make Tax Cuts Permanent

Republicans in Congress are unconcerned with the possibility of adding to a growing deficit through their attempt to make permanent the tax cuts passed in the GOP tax bill last winter, some of which will sunset after 2025.
While the tax bill dealt permanently with corporate side of the tax code for the most part, many of the individual provisions of the bill were set to expire after a decade in an effort to comply with the procedural rules of the reconciliation process, which Republicans used to pass the bill without relying on support from Democrats.
Republicans now hope to make those temporary provisions more lasting.
“I thought it should already have been done,” said House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows, who is a co-sponsor of a House measure to do just that.
Asked whether he was concerned with how the cuts may add further to the deficit, Meadows said he was always concerned about the deficit. “But normally, keeping more of the American ta…
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