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Editorial: Pennsylvania GOP Avoids Crackup

In purple states such as Pennsylvania, the Trump insurgency puts sane, conservative GOP candidates in a very difficult position: To get the nomination, they have to appeal to a Trump-aligned activist base with some combination of economic protectionism and fiery protect-our-borders nationalism. But to win the general election, they have to appeal to a much larger electorate and to some extent shed their association with an unpopular president. Ed Gillespie’s failure to win the Virginia gubernatorial election is a prime instance of how difficult that transition can be.
Redrawn congressional districts probably favor Democrats more than the old lines did, and a crop of unelectable incendiaries vainly trying to imitate Donald Trump would likely help the Democrats to flip some red seats to blue. The Democrats only need to take back 23 seats to regain the House in November.
Last night’s primary elections in Pennsylvania offer some hope that serious Republicans candidates c…
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