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‘A Higher Loyalty’ Garners a Lower Demand

“It’s very awkward. There are more cameras here than people,” laughs Phillip Carlisle, who’s gone to the bar at Kramer Books to dodge the dozen reporters milling around the shelves next door. “I went out there to get in line, and I was like ‘Nope.’” The midnight release of James Comey’s memoir A Higher Loyalty at the Dupont Circle bookstore-cafe drew many fewer fevered buyers than Michael Wolff’s Trump tell-all Fire and Fury did four months ago, when the bookstore sold every one of the 75 copies they’d had on hand within 15 minutes. Monday at midnight, just four customers are waiting to be among the first to buy A Higher Loyalty.
Fire and Fury was lurid and scandal-tinged, and the night of its midnight sale—the Thursday of that fairly slow first work week after the holidays—was better-suited to a nerdy night out than a Mond…
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