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Television Overload

Today on the Daily Standard Podcast, Sonny Bunch discusses his cover story on the end of the golden age of television with host Charlie Sykes and Books & Arts editor Adam Keiper. The Daily Standard podcast is sponsored by the Dollar Shave Club.Read more on WeeklyStandard.com Original Article

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Lawmakers Await Release of Spending Bill As Shutdown Looms

An omnibus funding bill is facing delays in Congress ahead of a Friday government shutdown deadline, with lawmakers scrambling to answer a number of open questions in the $1.3 trillion package related to border security, infrastructure projects, and gun violence prevention measures. House leaders previously hoped to release the text …

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Editorial: The Swamp, Only Swampier

Public officials tend to spend too much money on themselves and their offices. It’s an unfortunate part of the human condition—by definition public officials spend resources that don’t belong to them, and so they will often spend more than they have to.Read more on WeeklyStandard.com Original Article

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