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Curricular Diversity

It shouldn’t be either newsworthy or controversial to discover that college students are learning about the work of Aristophanes, studying the Peloponnesian War, or analyzing Aristotelian notions of happiness.Read more on WeeklyStandard.com Original Article

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The Era of Woke Publishing

Publishers have long supported specialty imprints that feature particular kinds of books: There are imprints that promote conservative books, such as Sentinel at Penguin Random House and Threshold at Simon & Schuster, and imprints that promote genres like romance (Flirt at Random House) and cooking (Anthony Bourdain Books at Harper-Collins). …

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The Seasoned Vet and the Young Lamb

If a congressional campaign won’t tell you the candidate’s schedule two weeks out from a tight special election, it’s a safe bet to go to an American Legion post (it doesn’t matter which one, any post will do) and simply wait.Read more on WeeklyStandard.com Original Article

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When to Turn the Cameras Away

Hours after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting, Zeynep Tufekci spent part of her evening calling out major media that aired video of students trembling while the noise of gunshots ruptured the air.Read more on WeeklyStandard.com Original Article

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The D.C. Trolley Folly

Washington, D.C., should have listened to Marion Barry. The late four-time mayor of the nation’s capital may have made problematic lifestyle choices—even if the you-know-what did set him up—but give him this: He was 100 percent correct about the city’s streetcar boondoggle. For the last two years, Washington has operated …

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Georgia’s Gesture Politics

We live in an era of gesture politics: walkouts, die-ins, marches, boycotts, hashtags, retweets. Our most strident political debates often aren’t debates at all but volleys of symbolic or metaphorical gestures.Read more on WeeklyStandard.com Original Article

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