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After Conservatism, Sadists and Lost Boys

In Kill All Normies Angela Nagle has done us all a service at what one must imagine is great psychological cost, surveying the dampest and most deranged corners of the internet. It seems self abuse surpassed in scale only by the onanism of her subjects. Kill All Normies: Online Culture …

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A Winning Friendship

Games have clear winners and losers, for the most part. Predetermined durations. Well-established markers of excellence. Easily understood paths to success. Life, instead, has just its muddle of unclarity, uncertainty, and unease. And so the temptation of arm-chair philosophers and the ambitious authors of self-help books: If we could somehow …

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The Media Has Handshake Mania

President Donald Trump's handshakes are the subject of endless fascination on cable news: how long they are, what they mean, how white-knuckled they are. The post The Media Has Handshake Mania appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. Original Article

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