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Markay and McMorris Discuss Court Upholding Block on Trump’s Travel Ban, Taking Social Media Passwords From Visa Applicants

Washington Free Beacon reporters Lachlan Markay and Bill McMorris appeared early Friday morning on Fox News' "Red Eye" to discuss the decision of a federal appeals court to block President Trump's travel ban and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly's comments on forcing visa applicants to turn over social media …

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Clinton Gloats About Court Ruling on Twitter

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sent a tweet Thursday night gloating about the ruling from a panel of judges on President Donald Trump's travel ban. Clinton sent the tweet shortly after the emergency stay of another ruling was rejected by the three-judge panel. 3-0 — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) February …

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Nobody Knows Anything

"Republicans seized her microphone," writes the New York Times. "And gave her a megaphone." Who's she? Elizabeth Warren, the overrated Democratic senator from Massachusetts. The other night Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell rebuked her for impugning colleague Jeff Sessions. Exercising a little-known rule, the Senate revoked Warren's floor privileges for …

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Here There Be Dragons

Michael R. Auslin describes his valuable new book as a "bearish" account of the prospects for a forthcoming Asian Century. A decade ago this would also have been a contrarian analysis, but not in 2017. As Auslin notes, "Today the zeitgeist has changed dramatically, and everyone from military planners to …

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‘John Wick 2’ Review

As with John Wick—not a box office behemoth, exactly, but critically acclaimed and a hit on home video—it's the little touches, the minute exercises in world building, which make John Wick 2 stand out. For instance, there's the switchboard that serves as the central nervous system of the mysterious society …

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