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Guns as Art: Cerakoting My 1911

Some guns should be considered works of art based on the efficiency and beauty of their design alone. A masterpiece of industrial design can transcend its utilitarian purpose and become something more. Many guns throughout history meet that mark. Hell, pretty much anything John Moses Browning ever brought into this …

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Forgotten Fairies

Once upon a time I was reading a newspaper story about middle-aged women into Wicca, casting spells, and running about the woods naked in the moonlight. I laughed but my wife was more sympathetic: "They obviously didn't get to go to summer camp." I thought of that as I read …

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Allegory for America

Like a show jumper cantering toward a fence, Glenn Frankel finds himself wrongfooted at the beginning of his new book about the movie High Noon. As he began his work, he so wanted the movie to be an allegory about the House Un-American Activities Committee, the hunt for communists, and …

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Intrigued by Romance, Humbled by Love

"‘Do you know,' said Lord Stavely conversationally, ‘if I were going to elope at midnight, I believe I should not drink too much brandy at ten o clock?" Words to live by, though ignored by their intended recipient: young Mr. Hatherleigh becomes thoroughly foxed, falls fast asleep, and all unwitting …

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