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How China Beats America, in 5 Easy Steps

American trade policy is focused on steel, gasoline-powered cars, and coal; China’s is focused on robots, electric vehicles, and solar panels. Our president has his eyes firmly fixed on the rear-view mirror as he attempts to throw his SUV into reverse and head for the past, hoping to spend billions …

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Electoral politics, progressive/socialist Democrat-style

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Obama chief of staff, once quipped, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” It’s truly indicative of the Left’s hypocrisy — especially given all their criticisms of President Donald Trump over the recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico. How many …

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Guess what Michael Moore wants to REPEAL and REPLACE?

Celebrities never seem to waste a single moment when it comes to jumping on tragic events to push the liberal agenda and appease the progressive elite running pop culture. The Las Vegas shooting was no different, as many immediately leapt at the opportunity to blame the Second Amendment and, of …

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BYE-BYE: Bowe Bergdahl’s about to get JUSTICE

The final chapter to one of the fishiest episodes of the Barack Obama presidency (and that’s saying a lot) is finally about to be written. Deserter and quite possibly enemy-corroborator Bowe Bergdahl appears to be headed for a long stay in prison, if reports on Fox News are correct: “Army …

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